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Recycling office furniture

Office Interiors Wholesale Environmental Commitment: Sustainable development has always been an integral part of our design process.

Office Interiors Wholesale are committed to creating a better
environment through:

  1. The strategic planning of our business

  2. By continually reviewing and improving our activities, products and services.

Sourcing of Materials

Wherever at all possible we aim to manufacture products using recyclable materials and/or materials which have a valid chain of custody certification.

Efficient production and installation

 We strive to minimise all energy usage wherever possible and we are constantly reviewing all of our practises to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste wherever possible.

Office Interiors Wholesale manufacturing complies with ISO 14001: 2004. Office Interiors Wholesale utilises minimal packing ensuring minimal wastage, all pallets are returned to the factory to be re-used, steel is recycled and wood off cuts are used in our certified carbon neutral wood burner which also helps to heat the factory.

Greater Longevity

Modular designs minimises wastage and also provides cost effective solutions and facilitates the refurbishment and maintenance of our products. Wherever possible we ensure that are products are fully recyclable.  

Buying Used Office Furniture Can Help The Environment

Take a look around your office, just how much office furniture can you see? Office desks, bookshelves, office chairs, cubicles, reception sofas, conference tables… office furniture is probably all around you. Consider what would happen if half of the office furniture you see along with half the office furniture in every business, medical office and school in the nation were dumped into landfills. Well it's happening right now.

How About Reducing Some Of The Strain on Our Landfills

Quoting The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA), 'A survey indicates that approximately half of the scrap currently generated may be ending up in landfills.' Much of this waste is still structurally sound.

Often, companies discard old office furniture because it looks outdated, not because something is broken. Used office furniture that might go to a landfill can easily be refurbished or remanufactured. Replace a wobbly roller on an office chair, add some new upholstery and it is as good as new! Reupholster your panels, add new laminate surfaces, and they look like they belong on the front cover of this year's new office furniture catalog. Undeniably, used office furniture saves our natural resources and helps reduce the strain on our landfills.

There’s Many Types of Used Office Furniture

When many people think of used office furniture they envisage scratched and damaged items. While those would certainly fall into this category, refurbished office furniture is another variety. Refurbishing involves repairing structural damage and refreshing its appearance. Remanufactured office furniture is completely reworked both structurally and aesthetically.

Used Office Furniture Saves You Money

Purchasing used office furniture can save lumps off retail prices of new products because the manufacturing costs were absorbed when the furniture was first produced.

If you've been struggling with the cost of new office furniture, consider the benefits of buying used. Used office furniture keeps both our environment and your bank account green!

Office Interiors Solve your Used Office Furniture Problems

By its very nature, trading in used office furniture is a form of recycling and excellent green behaviour in itself. Office Interiors Ltd has a history built upon seeing the worth within goods that have been used but not "used up".

Increasingly, many of our clients actively state that buying used is as much a means of good environmental practice as it is of achieving better value.

If you buy good, clean used office furniture from us, it sometimes means you will have existing furniture to recycle. As we deal in bulk, this often means quantities that present you with a logistical and environmental nightmare.

Part of our service to you as buyers is to recycle any unwanted furniture in ways that promote green environmental conscience.

Via us, your redundant office furniture will invariably find its way to schools, charities, voluntary organisations and projects by young people in the community.

This means that together, we effectively practise recycling as opposed to disposal in landfill sites and thus see many organisations benefiting from "usable" furniture that would otherwise be beyond their budgets to acquire.

Remember - we will buy suitable, clean used office furniture in amounts over 25 lots - we only dispose when furniture is beyond commercial use.

You and Office Interiors Ltd look after the environment together