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Wire and cable management

The data/communications demands on buildings are increasing rapidly as high-speed data networks, video, and other technologies become commonplace. At the same time, work space itself is continually evolving to meet new work styles, such as task-oriented teams. One result is the popularity of open-plan space, which is more flexible than hard-wall architecture and can more readily be reconfigured to meet changing requirements.

picture of Wire and cable management componentsBut true flexibility is achieved only when electrical wiring and data/communications cabling can be repositioned quickly and efficiently. This is especially true in open-plan spaces, where partitions are not available to serve as ready-made cable carriers. Often, wiring and cabling must provide workstation functionality while remaining essentially invisible.

From a wiring perspective, open space may be defined as any space where power and data/communications can not be conveniently accessed from the wall. These are often large areas, but they may also be smaller, more specialised spaces such as conference rooms and training facilities. Whether it's a simple telephone jack or multiple LAN connections and video conferencing, all open spaces need flexible access to power and data/communications services.

The predominant method of providing open-space access to power and data/communications services is through or by connection to modular furniture. These units may contain integral cables and connections or they may have plain walls with external services attached or accessed in the work area. In either case, electrical wiring and data/communications cabling must be brought to the vicinity of the workstation.

There are several types of wire and cable management systems that are well suited to this task. The selection of a particular system depends on a number of factors:

Office Interiors stock a wide range of modular desks and link units can be fitted with fully segregated, front loading cable trunking units and take double power sockets to provide mains power at desktop level. Cable management can also be specified either with sliding desk top or porthole style access.

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