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Used office furniture brokers

Used office furniture brokers put buyers and sellers together for the benefit of both parties. Brokers never handle the goods themselves, they leave that to the buyers and sellers. But what if you are talking more than 1 or 2 desks?

Clearly, putting buyer and seller together isn't the end of the process by a long chalk! Compare at a glance...

  Broker Dealer
Likely best price for selling furniture?  
Qualified buyers ready?
Clear area quickly of unwanted furniture?  
Help with breaking furniture down for transport?  
Transport readily available?  
Experienced labour for re-assembly?  
UK wide coverage for all aspects of deal?  
Large furniture range available?
Part-exchange your existing furniture?  
Recycle existing furniture if no commercial value?  
Least amount of your time required?  
Storage immediately available if required?  

The largest price for your secondhand furniture is not always your best price

The best price when selling is possibly going to be the one a used office furniture broker can get for you - the only effort/cost they have is to add a photo to their website. But this is quickly outweighed by the extra hassle when you have to dismantle the furniture and even transport/deliver it if the buyer is unable to do that.

"But Used Office Furniture Brokers have web costs to pay (don't they?)"

Actually, any costs with websites and search engine placements have to be borne by used office furniture dealers too! Where did you find us? Of course, dealers have employees and vehicles to pay for so you don't have to worry about the hassle - which is substantial when it involves many staff desks.

"But I need to get on with my current plans (or vacate a building on time)"

Brokers won't have any sympathy here, it is down to you to store all your surplus office furniture until it's sold - often keeping it on space otherwise needed for other plans. We collect when we are buying and move the furniture very quickly into one of our four UK wide depots (actually some of those locations have more than one storage premises - like West Yorkshire which has three).

"Can you get qualified buyers as easily as the web savvy brokers?"

To be qualified, a buyer not only has to want the furniture, but has to have the manpower and vehicles to transport it - and the spanner wielding staff to dismantle it. Watch the buyers disappear when they haven't got a fleet of trucks. Like we said, we employ search engine specialists to make sure we get found for the same terms as the brokers - it's just we can handle far more than they can even dream about!

"My existing furniture is still usable, can I exchange it for the new furniture
I want to buy?"

We will consider part-exchanges if the used office furniture is still commercially viable. Of course we can also remove your existing desks and cupboards when delivering your new furniture - you won't get that sort of service from used office furniture brokers who never even see the goods (or handle it if they do).

"My existing used office furniture has had it, it isn't commercially viable anymore
- am I stuck with it Mr. Broker?"

You are unless you're buying from real dealers with real warehouses, staff and trucks (yes, that's trucks in the plural). If your furniture no longer has a commercial resale value, then we can remove it for you and arrange donation to a non-profit organisation such as educational and charity organisations. Your company gets a great PR story about it's ethical recycling practises for the next edition of the newsletter!

"Phew, I hadn't thought of all the problems buying and selling secondhand office furniture entails...I think I know where I'm going to be better off!