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Buy second hand office furniture

Why struggle to pay for new furniture when you can save money with second hand stock from our comprehensive range? All our pieces are modern, in good condition and widely available throughout the UK.

If you need enough desks or workstations for at least 25 people, then you can benefit from our delivery and assembling service. Tell us what you need and we'll match up your requirements from our extensive, UK wide stock. You'll get pictures by email from us and an instant quote.

Click here for typical examples of what we sell and confirm it's the quality you are looking for. You can:

» Ring us during office hours on 0845 000 9000
» Click here to fill out a simple email form with your requirements and we'll get back to you

REMEMBER - our expert teams do this week in, week out! Four offices throughout the UK

Do you have surplus office furniture? If it is typical of the examples here, we will buy quantities of 25 desks/workstations and over. You leave the dismantling and transport to us - WE BEAR ALL THE ASSOCIATED COSTS. Mobile reps on the road to visit you.

picture of typical office furniture layouts for sale